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TACTILE is one of the most beautiful words I know. Not because it sounds so nice, but for what it stands for. I love to ”see” with my hands!
Swedish Academy’s dictionary notes briefly: ”Tactile – adjective, which refers to feeling or touching, such as massage.”
But in an English dictionary can I found the following: ”If you describe someone as tactile, you mean that they tend to touch other people a lot when talking to them.” and continues ”Something such as fabric which is tactile is pleasant or interesting to touch.”
Just think about it… The dictionary used fabric to exemplify the word!
TEXTILE is what I enjoy most. My English dictionary again: ”textiles are types of cloth or fabric, especially ones that have been woven”.

TACTILE TEXTILES – because fabrics, yarns and threads gives joy!

I intend to make this a bilingual blog – I’ll write both in Swedish and English (and try to answer questions in Spanish as well). The English text will most often be found at the bottom of the page.

I live in Gothenburg (Göteborg) in Sweden. I love to hear from fellow quilters and other textile junkies if you intend to visit the area.

Want to send me an e-mail? Use

Anita Fors, Gothenburg, Sweden

PS. Once upon a time I wrote this piece about Quilting in Sweden for Patchwork Planet. Can’t believe how long ago it was. :-) And that the piece is still out there. If you read it, please bear in mind that it is from 1996.

PPS. I enjoy being a member of a small quilt group Fria tyglar (Free reins), a local quilt guild Lapphexorna and the national quilt association of Sweden Rikstäcket.


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